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About KMR Real Estate

Kandala Malla Reddy - Proprietor of KMR Real Estate is one of the early entreprenuers in Real Estate Industry in Hayatnagar Mandal doing business since 1998 at a very young age of 15 years.

With over 18 years of experience Malla Reddy knows every square yard in the surrounding areas and can help you in every way to make a right decision following ethical, honest, trustworthy, transperant and real-value suggstions with any of sale or buy properties.

Malla Reddy believe in making relationship with customers either buyers or sellers rather than just keeping themseleves to doing business with them. It is all about a very long-term mutually beneficial relationship is what is expected from every customer irrespective of whoever the customer is.

With noted fame in and around Hayatnagar locale, you can trust KMR with 110% confidence and do business without any hesitation.

Please call or send sms or buzz on WhatsUp on KMR's mobile number: 98485-45143, 70755-72034.

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